FKA twigs – tw-ache

Dazed’s cover star and Tom Beard create a mesmerising dance video for new track “Tw-Ache”


The New Inspiration Pad by Marc Thomasset

(Source : fer1972, via tarbor)


3D Paintings on Panes of Glass

Xia XiaoWan

Using his own unique technique, Xiaowan creates layers of 2D paintings on multiple thin transparent layers of glass, which, when stacked together, give the original painting an extra dimension and depth; which, in turn, makes the original painting appear holographic and sculpture-like.
The shape of the painting changes depending the direction from which an observer views the installation; thus maintaining the illusion of the extra added dimension and its holographic perspective.

Several works by Xiaowan are offered on ArtNet here. To know more, please read the interview with Xiaowan here

Xia Xiao Wan creates his arresting pieces using special pencils, tinted glass, and between 14 to 30 panes of glass. Creating amazing three-dimensional, stratachromatic images.

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Photography and art direction: Evelyn Bencicova (tumblr / facebook)

Assistance and production: Adam Csoka Keller

(via devidsketchbook)

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